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Efficient Installation of Soffits and Fascias on Île-Perrot

A well-ventilated attic is insurance for the protection of your buildings against insects, animals and guaranteed resistance against the effects of climatic hazards. Entrust the installation of your soffits and fascias to the experienced contractors at Gouttières LM Landry to benefit from our superior quality services on Île-Perrot.

Choosing to add a soffit to the structure of your home is an excellent decision in that it provides your home with enhanced protection against pollutants and helps keep the air healthy inside the building. Fascia is a preferred choice for all owners wishing to bring more aesthetics to their building while protecting the wooden structure. Available on the market, with inexpensive installation, our team will promptly travel to the site to carry out your renovation projects.

We are equipped to deliver a job well done, following the standards established in the field, and our professionals use quality materials for your work. Throughout the work, our professionals collaborate with you and support you with sound advice. Contact us without further delay!

How important are soffits and fascias to your buildings?

Whether for a new construction or a renovated house, the idea of inserting soffits and fascias into the structure as a finishing touch to the exterior of the building is an ingenious idea. Much more than an aesthetic choice, the soffit/fascia duo ensures you a peaceful life and peace of mind regarding roof ventilation. With the harsh climate and winter periods, we are often looking for solutions to counter the phenomenon of freezing and thawing, the accumulation of snow on the roof and water infiltration.

A large aluminum plate, the soffit helps support the structure of the eaves, and serves to camouflage and protect the cornices of your home. With the holes covering its surface, it is also a great way to filter the air and prevent the entry of harmful insects. Installing fascia is also practical for harmonizing your home and protecting its structure. Available in a variety of choices and colors, you can easily find the model that suits you. Don’t hesitate any longer, call us for information on our commercial and industrial service.


Soffit and fascia for a reinforced house structure!

Trust the contractors at Gouttières LM Landry for your installation work.

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