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Commercial and industrial gutters in the Greater Montreal Area

Do you have commercial or industrial projects to complete? At Gouttières L.M. Landry, we can assist you with your commercial and industrial projects and offer you commercial and industrial gutters in the province of Quebec and Eastern Ontario. Over the years, we have developed expertise in all aspects of drainage and roof protection.


We can advise you and offer you services related to gutters, heating cables, snow stops and metal coatings.

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Are you an architect or an engineer?

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Commercial/industrial sector

We offer 3 types of gutter systems to adapt to different types of roofs and structures:

  • GI7 system : system consisting of a 7" steel gutter, 4" x 5" steel downspout and other accessories. For industrial and commercial buildings. (24, 26 and 22 gauge depending on the color)
  • GI6 system : System consisting of a 6" steel gutter, 3" x 4" steel downspout and other accessories. For commercial and residential buildings. (24 and 26 gauge)
  • GI5 system : System consisting of a 5" steel gutter, 2" x 3" steel downspout and other accessories. For commercial and residential buildings. (24 and 26 gauge)


Various accessories can be added to the gutter systems: 

  • Rigid rain downspout (in vandal-resistant 1/8" steel)
  • Sheet guard screen
  • Heating cable
  • And more!

Services  Provided

Heating cables

We offer various types of industrial-grade self-regulating heating cable. Heating cables are installed on roofs and/or in the gutter to reduce the formation of ice dams and icicles at the edge of the roof. So whether it's for the safety of passers-by, to prevent water infiltration or to ensure the stability of your structure, we can guide you.


Snow Stoppers

We offer different snow stops: pipe snow barriers, individual snow stops and welded snow barriers.

Metal Cladding

We offer different types of metal cladding, whether for new construction or replacement.

Heating cables

Heating cables

Gutter downspouts

Gutter downspouts 

Rigid Descente

Rigid Descente 



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