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Gouttières LM Landry in Hudson Your Questions


Do you have questions regarding gutter or gutter guard installation, repair or maintenance? This is where you will find the answers, provided by our experts! If you don’t find the answer to your question, contact Gouttières LM Landry now by phone or email.

White gutter guard

Do Wet Leaves Stick to Alu-Rex Products?

Yes, but only temporarily. These gutter guards have a smooth, perforated surface, so that wet leaves dry quickly. To give you an idea, a 10 km/h wind will scatter wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per foot, while a 35 km/h wind is powerful enough to remove about an inch (2.5 cm) of pine needles per foot.


Do Alu-Rex products perform well in the snow?

Alu-Rex gutter guards offer additional protection for your gutters when snow accumulates. With this protection, your gutters remain functional at all times because water will flow easily during the snowmelt. Without Alu-Rex guards, your gutters will quickly fill up with a heavy load of leaves, debris, snow and ice.

Can the Alu-Rex gutter guard installation process cause water infiltration in my roof?

No. Since gutter guard installation does not require lifting shingles or nailing, water infiltration cannot possibly be caused by Alu-Rex product installment. However, beware of similar products not by Alu-Rex that require lifting shingles, which can cause leakage. Indeed, it is risky to lift shingles since this causes them to become drier and more fragile over time. It is therefore not recommended to nail, screw or even place gutter guards on shingles. Also note that the manufacturers’ warranty becomes null and void if the shingles are lifted, modified or detached.

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