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Gutter Installation and Repair

Leakproof and Durable

If your gutter slants abnormally, collapses or breaks, trust the team at Gouttières LM Landry to quickly remedy the situation. We offer a warranty on all gutter installations.

If any repairs are needed on average after 10 years, they usually involve corners, slope adjustments and downspouts. Is it time to replace or repair your gutters? Call Gouttières LM Landry today for a free estimate

Different types of gutters in stock

Residential sector

5-Inch gutters

(model J and model K)

Both models have a thickness of 0.032 inches and are for residential use.

6-Inch gutters

( model K)

This gutter allows a greater flow of water to be discharged. It is more suitable for commercial use.

On request, we can also install copper gutters, which are more aesthetic. Ask our consultants for information.

Copper gutter

The Most Frequent Repairs

Sealer on a joint



        Joint Sealant Application

If the junction of two gutter segments is defective, we will scrape off the old sealant and apply a new, better quality sealant.

Realignment with a screwdriver



         Gutter Realignment

We remove a section of the eavestrough in order to properly adjust the angle.

Replacement of the gutter, electric drill



         Gutter Section or Segment                         Replacement

A gutter section or segment can be replaced easily. Simply undo the joints and replace them with a new section.

Free Estimate

For a quick, free estimate, contact our team!

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